Hydroid Prime arrive le 29 Août !

Les reliques contenant les schémas et parties de Hydroid Prime, Nami Skyla Prime et Ballistica Prime seront disponibles le Mardi 29 Août.

Les plus riches d’entre vous pourront aussi acheter les packs Access Prime contenant :

· Hydroid Prime: Command the ocean’s fury with this king of gold and silver.
· Hydroid Prime Glyphs: Show your devotion for the king of the sea with all-new Glyphs!
· Nami Skyla Prime: Forged by a forgotten master, these exquisite blades are bounty from a golden-age long gone.
· Ballistica Prime: The beauty of this luxuriously gilded crossbow cannot obscure its lethal purpose.

· Sardin Prime Sugatra: Hook this silvery sleek Sugatra onto any blade.
· Spritsail Prime Armor: The swooping lines of this prime armor evoke a ship at sea.






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