HOTFIX 15.13.7 + 15.13.8

V15.13.7 Warframe Changes   Restored Volt’s speed trail visuals.   Mission Reward Changes   The following Missions / Rotations have been updated to include a pack of 5 Rare Fusion Cores as a reward:   Hard Survival Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation A . Hard Interception Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available […]

HOTFIX 15.13.1 => 15.13.6

V15.13.1 Changes: * Defense and Interception Syndicate Missions are now worth 50% more Standing, due to a lack of Medallions in this Mission type. * Updated AKJagara’s store icon to display two pistols instead of one. * Added new reverb effects to the Corpus Gas City tileset. * Added new reverb effects to the Grineer Forest tileset. Fixes: […]

Mise à jour 15.13

Akjagara Dual Pistols and Uru Sugatra available now! AKJAGARA The design of these hard-hitting dual pistols is a mix of organic and bladed elements.   URU Expressing the martial finesse and skill of its master, the Uru Sugatra complements the Uru Syandana used in the Tenno Absolution Ceremony.   Get these new in-game additions by […]