Mise à jour 16.9.4

Hotfix 16.9.4 :   Changes: Re-enabled Physics optimizations for dual-core systems. Made several small optimizations for long-running missions with lots of loot.   Fixes: Fixed Exalted Blade’s energy waves not receiving a boost from damage Mods when used by Clients. Fixed Exalted Blade’s energy wave not benefiting from channeling buffs. Fixed Clients using Exalted Blade […]

Résultats du Quizz !

Merci à tous les participants ! Les questions étaient : Question #1 : Quel est le nom de notre alliance ? Réponse #1 : Dark Scout Question #2 : Quels sont les pseudos des 2 Warlords du clan ? Réponse #2 : Daturawar et Protideus Question #3 : Combien y a t il de bornes […]

Mise à jour 16.9 + 16.9.1 + + 16.9.2 + + 16.9.3

Noggles + Character Customization Complement Excalibur’s updated powers with these new items, available in the Market now: PRISMA EXCALIBUR BUNDLE Let Excalibur stand apart with skin and helmets forged from the purest Prisma Crystal.   PRISMA EXCALIBUR SKIN This Excalibur Warframe has been coated with liquid Prisma, enriched by pure Void energy.   PRISMA, PRISMA […]