Mise à jour 15.5.7 + + 15.5.8 + 15.5.9

HOTFIX 15.5.7 Additions:   Emotes are now live for use in missions! With the Stress Testing of ‘Tenno Hubs’ progressing well, we have now added functioning emotes (host/client) to the game which can be activated via your ‘Gear’ menu. Added emote for ‘Follow’! Syndicate Weapons can now be traded!  Players may now trade ONLY unranked […]

Passage en Clan Moon

    Bonjour,   C’est avec beaucoup d’émotions que nous vous faisons part du passage en tiers Moon du clan. Le recrutement étant toujours aussi actif, c’était la solution pour y faire face. Le seul désagrément étant l’augmentation du cout des ressources pour les recherches de clan. La question s’est longtemps posé et voyant que […]

Mise à jour 15.5.4 + 15.5.5 + 15.5.6

HOTFIX 15.5.4   Changes * Made Hub use FOV attenuation instead of override so user setting still works * Optimized Hub servers to allow more concurrent players * Removed unfinished Nullifier Spaceman from spawn tables * Added sound effect for weapons being jammed Fixes * Fixed a several client-side crashes when hanging out in Hubs […]

DEVSTREAM #42 ce soir!

Venez voir le future HUB sur le devstream ce soir à partir de 20h “Are you excited for Hubs? Join us as we discuss, develop, and stress test in real-time on PC on Devstream 42! Our Devs — Geoff, Steve and Sheldon and Community Manager, Rebecca will hold a Q&A Session and take testing to […]