Mise à jour 15.14

NOUVELLES STATUETTES DISPONIBLES   Ajoutez Alad V, Ash and Saryn à votre Liset!   Encore de la place où faire gigoter des petites statuettes? Bonne nouvelles, ces 3 là vont vous ravir! Vous les trouverez dans le Marché.   Ajoutez un style si fatal qu’il vous empoisonnera l’esprit avec Saryn; détournez l’attention de vos invités […]

Résumé du DevStream 46

Our last Devstream cast a wide net on what our Year of Quality is all about, and Devstream 46 is our first look into some of those details. Updates to our PvP format, a slight tease on our next Warframe, plus some awesome visuals for the latest community-created enemy were just some of the topics […]

HOTFIX 15.13.7 + 15.13.8

V15.13.7 Warframe Changes   Restored Volt’s speed trail visuals.   Mission Reward Changes   The following Missions / Rotations have been updated to include a pack of 5 Rare Fusion Cores as a reward:   Hard Survival Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation A . Hard Interception Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available […]

HOTFIX 15.13.1 => 15.13.6

V15.13.1 Changes: * Defense and Interception Syndicate Missions are now worth 50% more Standing, due to a lack of Medallions in this Mission type. * Updated AKJagara’s store icon to display two pistols instead of one. * Added new reverb effects to the Corpus Gas City tileset. * Added new reverb effects to the Grineer Forest tileset. Fixes: […]